What Page of Google Am I On?

Web Design - Ben and Todd at a computer
Web Design - Ben and Todd at a computer

What Page of Google Am I On?

For those of you who have been on the internet before, you have probably heard of a search engine at some point.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are all popular search engines that people use when they need to find something. These engines ask you a question and give you a list of results back; this is the main goal of any search engine.

You may be wondering how does Google know what I’m thinking? For example, what if I wanted to find out who directed “The Godfather” movie? Well, the way it works is simple: when we type in words in the search bar at Google we give them an idea of what we’re looking for, and based on different algorithms (kind of like rules) they return us with a list of websites or videos that have our keywords within their text. This means that google can understand general questions that people ask when they search in Google.

When you visit google.com and do a search, at the top of your results page you will see how many pages are in total that Google has found that is relevant to your question then you will see their PageRank (PR). You might not know what PR means or why it’s important so I’ll explain it to you briefly here. PageRank is basically an algorithm created by Google engineers that ranks every website on the internet based on their popularity within society, so if someone links to another site, this site gets its PR boosted up depending on the sites link weight. The higher Page Rank means bigger website = more backlinks = more business for my money! It sounds complicated but really isn’t when you break it down like this.

I bet you are wondering what page of Google am I on? Well, to find out what PR the google page you are currently visiting has, simply click on the “link” next to PageRank. If this option does not exist for some reason then it means your company is sitting between 0-10 Pages of Google or just isn’t popular enough for you to have that information available yet!

So how do you get more popular on Google?

There are many SEO companies that can help your business website rank higher in search results however they can be expensive and time consuming. Regardless if their service works or not, only time will tell with these guys. There are hundreds of different ways to do SEO but I’m going to focus on organic SEO; the way Google actually wants you to do it.

Organic search results are basically your standard google search, however there is a big difference between someone doing a normal search and an organic search, which makes all the difference in terms of how popular your company will become as a result! 

Google loves natural language searches because this means they can understand what we want searched and give us relevant results back. This means that if you type in “plumber gold coast” into Google, then it’s seen as an organic search because you mentioned 3 keywords: plumber, gold coast and also included them together for relevancy . This is very important when it comes to ranking high on Google. When we talk about SEO, this is what we will be focusing on in order to rank high within Google.

So why does Google love natural language queries? This is because when people search for information they normally put certain keywords together etc. so when you want something else searched then you would naturally mention it alongside the original search query. This means that Google can start seeing patterns between your searches and raise your ranking in line with these particular searches in the future. For example, let’s say I wanted an address in “Australia” so I type it into google but also mention “Melbourne” at the same time, this means that when someone else searches for Melbourne Australia or Australia Melbourne or even just Australia, you’re website will come up because of your previous searches!

This is why learning how to do SEO the natural way from the beginning is a massive advantage for your business as you can slowly be moving your way towards page 1 of Google and getting more exposure etc. Within a few months this will result in a better return on investment (ROI) and increase traffic to website which will equal only good things for my company!

So now that we know what PR means, let’s get into some ranking factors that Google takes into consideration when they are giving us our results back! These are usually known as backlinks or just links within general conversation.

A link basically means someone has linked their website or written something about you on there so it gives people more information about what you have done/do etc. If you can get more links related to your website and industry then Google will see this and rank you higher in line with these types of sites/links/keywords.

So how do we get good quality backlinks?

This is a tricky question because there are definitely some more important factors than others, however the more quality links we have coming through the better our results will be! As I mentioned earlier, it depends on what industry you’re in and what type of results people like to click on when they search for certain keywords or phrases. For example; if your company does fitness then targeting more natural language queries such as “fitness gold coast” would be a great way to start seeing results since this is something that people would probably type into google rather than just a phrase.

As I said earlier, there are many different ways to do SEO and even though you need to target keywords that people will be typing in naturally, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also try out other methods to attract clients. Some good examples of this is getting big websites/blogs/companies to link back to your site because if they have a lot of social media followers etc., then these people will see your business being advertised on their website and may click through or mention you within conversation which could result in a sale! It’s always good looking at the competition and seeing what strategies they’re using for their own marketing. If someone else has a fantastic website with thousands of links, it can definitely be done and you just have to do a bit of research on how to get those links as the competition may say the same thing etc.