Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

With a variety of things to focus on and manage, many small and growing businesses do not have the time or the budget to cement their online presence. However, SEO is a crucial tool in any online marketing strategy and the key to success in today’s digital age.

While running paid advertising is a great way to get instant exposure and highly targeted traffic, focusing on your long-term organic visibility is a lucrative and affordable marketing strategy that needs to be taken advantage of. ClickLeaf’s SEO subscription service makes it easy, accessible, and, most importantly, affordable for small businesses to establish a presence, grow their brand awareness and maximise their ROI.

Why Small Businesses Need Affordable SEO

Today, more and more people are moving their lives online. Consumers and buyers alike rely on search engines like Google to find, research and make their next purchase.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the process of improving the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website. This is achieved through a number of techniques such as backlink building, content creation, ensuring device responsiveness and more.

Having a basic understanding of SEO doesn’t make it any less complex. Not only does it require a technical understanding, but continuous work and optimisation that takes up time that many small businesses do not have. Enlisting the services of an affordable company such as ClickLeaf will help you optimise your website and generate traffic and leads while you are able to focus on what matters most – your business and customers.

Implementing an affordable SEO plan, like the tiered options offered by ClickLeaf offer a host of benefits that help small businesses achieve long-term success.

SEO is Constantly Changing and Evolving

SEO is constantly changing. Using a complex algorithm, Google takes consistency, relevance, accuracy and user experience into account when ranking a website and its pages. The foundation and fundamentals of SEO remain the same, however, its technology is always improving to help users get the most relevant answers to their queries.

With a number of techniques, methods and strategies to consider, having professional SEO services ensures that your website and its content are always up to date with the latest changes and updates in the SEO industry.

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Benefits Of Affordable SEO

With an ever-growing market of competition, cementing your website online is the best chance of success, growth and establishing credibility in your industry.

Affordable, subscription-based SEO services have made this vital marketing tool accessible and cost-effective for even the smallest businesses. Not only is it easy to manage and understand, but affordable SEO for small businesses also ensures growing websites receive the work and attention it needs to succeed.

With a number of benefits, there is no questioning the importance of SEO. These include:

Grow Quality Leads & Traffic

Every day, millions of searches are conducted on Google. The higher a company ranks, the better possibility it has of directing users to their website and converting them into leads. However, this requires experience, expertise and knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO.

With affordable SEO services, a growing company can reach and attract users at a critical moment in their buying journey. By optimising the technical elements and user experience of your website you grow authority with Google. Having your website displayed in its search engine is the best way to drive traffic and customers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Aside from converting potential users into customers, brand awareness is an important component in improving SERP ranks. Even if a user does not click on your website, simply ranking on the first page of a search engine creates brand awareness. Potential customers will begin to associate your business with your primary search queries and are more likely to make a purchase in the future.

A great long-term benefit of affordable SEO services is that the work put into your website helps to increase website visibility, establish an online presence and boost brand awareness.

Build Credibility and Authority

Despite the emphasis on technical optimisation for search engines, SEO also places focus on the user and their experience with a website. As such, Google has made the use of valuable, relevant and engaging content in a responsive, user-friendly format an important factor in the ranking and visibility of a website. If a page is difficult to read or navigate, it will not rank well – even if it has the best answer to a user’s query!

ClickLeaf’s affordable SEO services take technical elements such as page speed, backlinks and quality content into consideration while working on your campaign to ensure well-optimised and functioning pages that offer an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Invest In Your Business With ClickLeaf

Digital marketing can seem like a hefty investment, especially for small businesses that do not have the budget to invest in a long-term process such as SEO. However, that number one spot doesn’t need to be unattainable!

A good implementation of SEO strategies offers a number of long-term benefits. SEO is relatively low-cost compared to other marketing channels such as PPCs or social media and while it takes time to build up your SEO, once you start boosting traffic to your website, you will immediately realise the wonderful results this investment can offer!

By offering all the quality strategies as traditional digital marketing companies, ClickLeaf’s fully inclusive subscription-based services make SEO accessible, affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can expect the same level of dedication and long-term benefits at a fraction of the cost!